The Woman’s Hospital of Texas at CRMC


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Women’s and Newborn Services

At The Woman’s Hospital of Texas at Conroe Regional Medical Center we’re creating services focused on the unique needs of women. In other words, we’re adding a woman’s touch! We’re committed to caring for women through every stage of their lives, helping to provide a lifetime of health and wellness.

Our Philosophy

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas at Conroe Regional Medical Center is a popular choice as a birthing center for many reasons. We offer:

  • Outstanding physicians
  • Experienced and caring nurses
  • Exceptional facilities
  • Progressive educations programs
  • A natural approach to the birthing process
  • The convenience and support of being close to home

But what is most important about our program is that it is about you. We work with parents to safely have your baby "your way." Whether you have a predetermined birthing plan, or you want assistance establishing a plan for you, we work to make sure all your needs are met. With your doctor’s supervision, we make every effort to make your child’s birth day special!

Tailored-to-You Birthing

The decision to have a baby is one of the most important you’ll ever make. Once you are pregnant, you are faced with another major decision – where to give birth.

It is important to select a hospital where you feel comfortable; and where you have options that make the delivery of your baby personal for you. Our nursing staff at Conroe Regional is very adept at anticipating and acting on your needs so you can stay focused on your task at hand. We have at our disposal the latest most effective labor techniques to promote relaxation, including music, comfortable rocking chairs and a safe and controlled environment for walking.

For labor, delivery and recovery, you will have your own private birthing suite. Safety is a major importance and all birthing suites are equipped with everything needed for a safe and healthy delivery. Depending on the length of your labor, the nurses who help coach you through that process may also help you and your baby during your recovery. Following that time, you will be taken to your own private postpartum room.

Getting to know your baby

The first hour after birth is period when your baby is most alert. This time is especially important to establishing good bonding so you will be able to cuddle and hold your baby. It is also an excellent time to begin breastfeeding.

Following this bonding period the baby will need to go to the nursery for a quick exam and bath. Dad can carry the baby and will be present in the nursery as your baby is weighed and measured. Dad is given an identification bracelet allowing him to visit you and your baby as much as he likes. During this time, you will be transferred to your post-partum room.

Upon admission to the nursery, your baby will have a security device attached to his/her ankle. You will have a matching security device placed on your wrist. We call this our “hugs and kisses.” One the “kiss” comes in contact with the “hug” a sweet charm sounds. This is just one way we assure proper identification of each baby. Newborns cannot be taken out of the hospital without an alarm sounding and the doors locking down. This alarm also gives the location of the newborn so staff and security can respond quickly. The safety and security of you and your baby are extremely important to us.

Expecting the unexpected

While we work hard to follow your birth plan, occasionally unexpected events happen. Our staff will inform you and your family of any problems that arise during labor and will recommend any changes that may be necessary. We have a full array of medical equipment that is quickly accessible to assist you and your baby. In the event of more serious problems, our experience neonatology staff is standing by 24 hours a day.

Should a caesarean birth be necessary, we have two operating rooms located on the unit. Following the birth, you will recover in a labor and delivery recovery room. During your recovery you will remain near your baby.

Breastfeeding support

We offer one-to-one consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Our lactation consultant is available to assist you any time. She can help you and your baby be successful at breastfeeding by dealing with issues such as latching on, preventing and managing sore nipples/engorgement, sucking problems, refusal to nurse and milk-supply concerns.

Important Moments: The Days after Birth

After your baby is born we begin teaching you how to care for yourself and your new baby. We provide one-on-one instruction the help you with breastfeeding, infant care, nutrition and exercise.

Baby’s First Picture

We have contracted with a company to take a photograph of your baby. A representative will call on your during your stay to discuss purchase of the pictures. You are not obligated to buy. This same company can also arrange to have your baby’s photo placed on the Internet.

Complimentary Birth Certificate

A complimentary, unofficial birth record with your baby’s footprints is given to you by the hospital before you go home. This document does not take the place of the official birth certificate which the hospital will file with the County Recorder’s office. You may obtain an official birth certificate from the Montgomery County Courthouse at 301 N. Main Street, Conroe, TX 77301. We will also start the process of obtaining a Social Security number for your baby.

Perinatal Education

We believe education and support program provide an essential understating of the birth process and make the difference between great expectations and feelings of anxiety. Whether you are a first-time mom or an “experience” parent, we encourage you to take advantage of the many excellent educational opportunities we provide to help you prepare for the birth of your baby.

Childbirth Preparation Series is one of our most popular programs. Conducted by Certified Childbirth Educators with over 16 years experience, this program assists the expectant couple in understanding the physical and emotional changes taking place during pregnancy. The course covers all aspects of labor, delivery and postpartum, plus information on medications, intervention, caesarean section and teaches the Lamaze techniques for relaxation and breathing. A tour of the Women’s and Newborn Center is included.

Prepared Childbirth is a one-day condensed class and is intended as a refresher for those who have previously delivered a child, those whose schedule does not allow for the four-week series, or those who are due shortly. This intensive class concentrates on the labor and birth process and offers moderate amount of time for practicing relaxation and breathing skills.

Breastfeeding Classes provide information on the anatomy and physiology of the breast during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also covers techniques to help begin the breastfeeding experience. Expression and storage of breast milk and breastfeeding after you return to work are also discussed.

Sibling Preparation promotes enthusiasm about the new baby, while allowing siblings to explore their feelings concerning the new family addition. Teaching methods include storytelling, videos, demonstrations, role playing and visiting the nursery. The class if for children ages three to eight.

Infant/Child CPR is designed for both new parents and other caregivers. The course covers resuscitation and first aid for choking with extensive “hands on” practice. The technique is applicable from birth to one year of age.

Safe Sitter is a two-day course for girls and boys ages 11-13. The program teaches participants how to handle emergencies when caring for younger children. All medical information is taught by a certified professional. Students get hands-on practice in basic lifesaving techniques so they are prepared to act in a crisis. They receive information on child development and age-appropriate activities as well as learn about the business aspects of baby-sitting.

Region’s most experienced Level III NICU

One of the most unique features about The Woman’s Hospital of Texas at Conroe Regional Medical Center is our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our experienced team of physicians and nurses cares for premature babies every day of the year. From 24 weeks gestation, babies are provided the best possible start right here, close to your home. These babies, often in our care for extended periods of time, are provided one-on-one compassionate care, while parents are guided through the process with nurturing support.

Our Neonatal Transport Team reaches out into the community – often from as far away as 100 miles – to bring premature babies into The Woman’s Hospital of Texas at Conroe Regional Medical Center for care that will give them the best start in life. This time can be stressful for parents, but our commitment to the care of your infant and our ability to answer your questions and calm your nerves will make this time much more peaceful.

Camper Program

Often, premature babies have to stay with us after the mother had been discharged. Realizing how difficult this can be, space permitting we offer mom a room in the Woman’s Hospital of Texas at Conroe Regional Medical Center.


For further information and to register, call 936-539-7605. For physician referral and hospital services information, call 1-888-MED-CNTR (633-2687).