Pictured Above: Dr. Emily Bullock stands with CRMC’s da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System

Conroe, TX, March 7, 2014— Conroe Regional Medical Center (CRMC) announced that it acquired the da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System, the newly refined, most up-to-date robotic surgery system, early this year.  Dr. Emily Bullock, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, successfully performed the hospital’s first robotic assisted surgery, a total hysterectomy.

“We are very pleased to be able to bring this state-of-the-art technology to the community,” said Matt Davis, CRMC CEO. “We are in constant pursuit to further our capabilities, technologies and level of care that we provide to our patients and strive every day to advance the overall patient experience.”

Surgeons at Conroe Regional Medical Center are utilizing the da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System to perform a variety of surgical procedures, including gynecologic, urologic, cardiovascular, colorectal, and gall bladder procedures. Patients now have access to the latest technology in robotic surgery, while remaining close to home. Benefits to the patient frequently include less pain, a reduced risk of infection, smaller incisions, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery time. This new robotically-assisted surgical technology has a proven track record for safety and is designed to provide additional clinical benefits.

The Si is the newest version of the revolutionary da Vinci Robotic Surgical System and it offers enhanced 3D, high-definition vision of the operative field, superior visual clarity of tissue and anatomy, and surgical dexterity and precision far greater than the human hand. These technological advancements will provide our surgeons with unparalleled precision, dexterity and control that enable a minimally invasive approach for many complex surgical procedures.

Types of Procedures

Da Vinci’s advanced level of technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand. This technology complements our goal of extending minimally invasive surgery to the broadest possible base of patients. It can be used for a multitude of procedures, including, but not limited to: prostatectomy, hysterectomy, myomectomy, coronary artery bypass, mitral valve repair and colorectal surgery.

How It Works

During robotic surgery, the surgeon is seated at a console a few feet away from the patient and views an actual image of the surgical site while operating in real-time, through tiny incisions, using electromechanically-enhanced instruments. The system allows surgeons to operate three robotic arms with precision and steadiness. The da Vinci system provides visualization that is ten times more powerful than the human eye, including high-definition images and enhanced 3-D capabilities.

For more information about Conroe Regional Medical Center’s robotics initiative, please contact Lindsay Duncan at 936-539-7698 or Lindsay.duncan@hcahealthcare.com.

About Conroe Regional Medical Center

Conroe Regional Medical Center is a tertiary acute care hospital that has been serving the community for more than 75 years. It provides a 24-hour Trauma III emergency care center, Level III neonatal intensive care, critical care, cardiac care services and has a Satellite Imaging Center – Lake Area Imaging in Montgomery. CRMC is a Joint Commission Certified Advanced Primary Stroke Center, has an Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI, TMF Award of Excellence in Quality, an American College of Radiology Award full Accreditation for Quality and Excellence in MRI, and Pathway to Excellence Designation for nursing care. CRMC has a recognized women’s center, physical therapy, radiology, hyperbaric medicine diagnostic/imaging services and wound care facilities. For more information on Conroe Regional Medical Center’s programs and services call, 936-539-1111 or go to www.conroeregional.com