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The first hour after birth is when your baby is most alert. This is the time for skin-on-skin contact, cuddling, holding, bonding, and establishing breastfeeding.

Your partner will be given an identification bracelet allowing visitation with you and your baby at any time. During this time, you will be transferred to your postpartum room.

Soon after birth, your baby will have a security device attached to his/her ankle. This is just one way we assure the safety and identification of your baby. Newborns cannot be taken out of the postpartum unit without an alarm sounding and the doors locking down. This alarm also gives the location of the newborn, so staff and security can respond quickly.

On that note, we have contracted with a company we trust to take photographs of your baby while still in the hospital. A representative from Mom 365 may be in touch, but you are not under any obligation to purchase. With your permission, they will also arrange to have your baby’s photo in its online nursery.